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A woman being injected with lip filler, a service offered at NS Medical Wellness in Huntington, NY.

Lip Injection Aftercare: 12 Filler Do’s and Don’ts

Have you always wanted more attractive, voluminous lips? Or maybe you’ve noticed that your once-luscious lips are starting to look thinner and more wrinkled with age. Fortunately, getting a plumper, more symmetrical pout with lip filler is pretty easy. There’s no need to go under the knife when you can transform your appearance with a few strategic injections.

Lip fillers are not a permanent solution, so you’ll need to receive maintenance treatments to keep enjoying your new look. However, most fillers can last as long as 18 months with proper lip injection aftercare. If you don’t follow your provider’s aftercare instructions, you could decrease the lifespan of your fillers. You could also increase your risk of side effects such as excessive bruising, infection, or lip filler migration.

To experience the best treatment outcome, choose a skilled injector and follow their aftercare instructions. Here’s everything you need to know about what to expect during your appointment and how to care for your new lips.

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Popular Lip Filler Options

A beautiful woman touching her lip area.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is the active ingredient in most popular lip fillers. It naturally occurs in your body’s skin and helps to retain moisture and volume. With age, HA levels in the body naturally decline, one reason aged skin often becomes dry and thin. The lips are no exception. As you grow older, your lips are more likely to become flat, wrinkled, and narrow. Injecting them with HA filler and following proper lip filler aftercare steps can restore their youthful beauty.

HA fillers deliver smooth, natural-looking results. Juvéderm and Restylane are some of the most popular HA lip filler brands on the market. They consistently provide exceptional results and immediately improve lip volume and appearance. Unlike other types of fillers, HA options are also reversible. This can provide a level of comfort to anyone worried about potentially experiencing a rare side effect or allergic reaction.

What to Expect From Lip Filler Injections

A woman receiving a lip filler injection.

Many first-time lip filler patients are understandably nervous when they arrive at their appointment. However, they don’t need to worry because their provider will numb the treatment area beforehand. Once you’re numb, you’ll receive strategically placed lip filler injections through a thin needle. Your provider will determine how much filler to give you based on your desired level of fullness. You may feel a slight stinging or burning sensation during this process, and it’s natural for the eyes to water. However, you should never experience intense pain. The entire treatment should take between 15 to 30 minutes.

12 Lip Filler Do’s and Don’ts

Your provider will give you lip injection aftercare instructions. Follow them carefully to speed up your recovery time and get the best possible outcome. You can also refer to this “do’s and don’ts” list for additional filler aftercare advice.

1. DO Expect Some Swelling and Discomfort After Treatment

Don’t panic if your lips feel gigantic, swollen, and uncomfortable after your treatment. They may even look a bit bruised. These are all normal side effects that should slowly subside over the next few days.

2. DO Hydrate Well Before and After Treatment

A beautiful woman drinking a glass of water.

Your body relies heavily on water to help with its natural healing processes. Additionally, adequate water intake can help your lip fillers integrate with your natural tissue. Therefore, you should make a conscious effort to hydrate adequately before and after treatment. Aim for at least eight glasses (64 oz.) of water daily. This will not only help your lips heal more quickly but will also support your general health.

It may be hard to drink after lip injections because your mouth will be sore, but staying hydrated is important anyway. Some people may find it helpful to receive IV therapy to further hydrate the body after receiving lip fillers.

3. DO Apply Cold Ice to Reduce Swelling

Many providers recommend gently applying a cold compress to the lips as part of your lip filler aftercare protocol. Ice can soothe discomfort and help reduce swelling. Applying it regularly for the first few days after treatment is highly recommended. You can apply ice for up to 10 minutes at a time, several times per day. Make sure you wrap the ice in a thin, clean towel before using it on your lips. Placing ice cubes directly on your swollen lips can injure the delicate skin.

4. DO Avoid Kissing

A woman hiding her lips with her hands.

You may be eager to plant a kiss on your loved one with your new and improved lips, but hold off for a while! You must give yourself a chance to heal before applying pressure to the treated area. Plus, you don’t want to introduce bacteria to the injection sites. So, keep those lips pucker-free for at least three days after your injections.

5. DO Use Aquaphor as Needed to Hydrate the Lips

Many providers recommend using Aquaphor as part of your lip injection aftercare instructions. Aquaphor can keep the lips soft and hydrated in the days following your treatment. Use a freshly cleaned fingertip or a sterile Q-Tip if you apply it. Be very gentle in your application to avoid further irritation and discomfort.

6. DO Eat Soft Foods

The last thing you want to do when your lips are swollen, and tender is to chomp down on a huge burger or thick slice of pizza. Aim to eat soft foods that fit easily into your mouth for the first couple of days after your injections. Avoid foods that require you to open your mouth up wide to eat them.

7. DO Sleep With Your Head Elevated

A woman with a lip filler injection lying on the bed with an elevated pillow.

As part of your lip filler aftercare instructions, your provider will tell you to sleep with your head slightly elevated. You should plan to sleep this way for the first few days after your injections. This will prevent blood from pooling in the lips and reduce your risk of bruising. Adding an extra pillow or putting some blocks underneath the headboard legs should help you elevate your head while staying comfortable.

8. DON’T Sleep on Your Side

For the first two days after treatment, it’s very important not to put pressure on your lips while you sleep. Therefore, you should avoid sleeping on your side or stomach. You may consider sleeping on a recliner if you usually sleep in either of these positions. That way, you’ll be more likely to stay on your back through the night.

9. DON’T Engage in Strenuous Exercises

A woman resting.

You may feel inspired to improve the shape of your body after seeing your newly enhanced pout. However, you need to be patient with yourself and take it easy for a while. Follow your provider’s lip injection aftercare instructions and avoid strenuous activities for at least 48 hours.

10. DON’T Drink Through a Straw

You may think drinking through a straw will be easier than drinking from a glass when your lips are sore. However, drinking from a straw requires you to pucker your lips. You shouldn’t do this for at least 48 hours after your injections. To stay hydrated, you’ll need to drink directly from the glass. Alternatively, you can tip your head back slightly and direct a small stream of water from an uplifted glass into your mouth.

11. DON’T Smoke, Vape, or Drink

Like drinking through a straw, smoking, and vaping require you to pucker your lips. Therefore, most lip filler aftercare instructions tell you to avoid these practices for at least 24 hours. You should also avoid alcohol for the first 24 hours at a minimum. Alcohol is a blood thinner and can contribute to post-treatment bruising.

12. DON’T Consume Hot or Spicy Foods or Beverages

Your lips will be much more sensitive than usual in the days following your lip filler appointment. To avoid causing further irritation, avoid consuming hot or spicy foods and beverages for at least 48 hours.

Lip Injection Healing Timeline

Everyone’s body is different, so you shouldn’t expect to heal at the exact same rate as someone else. However, the average lip injection healing time is between 5-7 days. You’re more likely to recover if you closely follow your provider’s lip injection aftercare instructions.

Though rare, some people may experience complications that lead to slow healing after lip injections. If you continue to experience unusual swelling, bruising, or discomfort after a week, contact your provider. Your body may be having an adverse reaction to the fillers. Your provider may recommend dissolving the fillers if your body can’t tolerate them.

Get a Plump, Perfect Pout With Lip Injections

Getting the plump, luscious lips you’ve always wanted to have is so easy. Lip fillers are some of the most popular aesthetic treatments available, and it’s easy to see why. In 30 minutes or less, fillers can correct lip asymmetry, add volume, and minimize wrinkles. Lip fillers have a long history of safe use and are beloved by celebrities and regular people. Ready to find out what all the hype is about?

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