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North Shore Medical Wellness:
Supporting Belle's Journey
with Strength and Hope

At North Shore Medical Wellness, we recognize the profound impact of community support, and today, we want to share the inspiring story of Belle—a spirited 5-year-old bravely facing an unexpected battle against stage 3 Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer with only 100 cases diagnosed in the U.S each year.

Belle's Resilient Journey

After experiencing 9 months in remission, Belle and her family received the heartbreaking news that her cancer had returned. Facing this challenge head-on, Belle underwent a courageous surgery on September 7th to have her left leg removed and undergo a rotationplasty. This 17 1/2-hour procedure was a crucial step in her journey towards recovery.
Post-surgery, Belle embarked on a challenging path of physical therapy to learn to use a walker. However, the journey took an unexpected turn, and Belle had to undergo an emergency 5-hour surgery due to an infection and rod shortening. Despite the hurdles, the surgery was successful, and Belle is currently in the process of recovery, taking IV antibiotics for 28 days.

The Road Ahead for Belle

As Belle continues her recovery, her journey includes upcoming scans on November 30th and the start of a 6-month chemotherapy regimen on December 4th. The strength and resilience Belle has shown throughout this process serve as an inspiration to us all.

Our Commitment to Belle's Journey

As a healthcare provider deeply rooted in community values, we’ve decided to stand with Belle and her family during this challenging chapter. We invite you to join us in making a meaningful impact on her journey. For the month of December, 100% of our earnings, excluding Emsculpt purchases, will directly contribute to Belle’s treatment fund.

How You Can Make a Difference

1. Shop for a Cause:

Every purchase, excluding Emsculpt, will directly support Belle’s treatment fund. Your wellness journey can now be a beacon of hope for Belle.

2. Spread the Word

Utilize our platform to share Belle’s story. The more people who know, the stronger our collective support network becomes.

3. Donate Directly

Every contribution, regardless of size, makes a significant impact. You can make a direct donation through Belle’s GoFundMe page.

4. Raffle

We’re excited to offer a chance for you to win exclusive prizes! For every $25 donation, enter to win 50 units of Botox. And for every $50 donation, enter to win a syringe of filler—a beautiful way to enhance your natural beauty.

Why Support Belle?

Belle represents more than a little girl facing cancer; she embodies courage, resilience, and hope. By supporting her, we contribute to a story of triumph against adversity that unites us as a compassionate community.

Together, We Can Make a Difference

In times of adversity, it’s the strength of the community that truly shines. Let’s unite as a force for good, rallying around Belle and her family during this difficult time. Your support will not only make a lasting impact on a little girl’s life but will also inspire us all to be better, more compassionate individuals.

Thank You for Being a Part of Belle's Journey

Your involvement embodies the spirit of solidarity that defines our community at North Shore Medical Wellness. Together, we can be a source of hope and healing for Belle and others facing similar challenges.

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