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Radiofrequency microneedling repairs, restores,
and rejuvenates the skin + stimulates collagen and elastin

2022 New Beauty Award Winner
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Radiofrequency microneedling repairs, restores,
and rejuvenates the skin + stimulates collagen and elastin

2022 New Beauty Award Winner
Top Rated Medical Practice badge
Physician Performed Procedure Badge

Morpheus8 on Long Island: Achieve a More Youthful Appearance

Skin Tightening in Huntington, NY

Morpheus8 combines microneedling with fractionated radiofrequency (RF) energy. The minuscule needles penetrate the skin’s surface, sending radiofrequency down through the connective tissues. The skin gets tighter when the energy heats the tissues, and the body creates more collagen. Collagen production can take 10-12 weeks, so while some patients see immediate results, gradual improvement continues for up to 3 months.

This incredible beauty treatment renews the skin without painful surgery and a lengthy recovery. Countless men and women rely on Morpheus8 to contour their bodies and faces. North Shore Medical Wellness is a premier skin tightening and rejuvenation provider with Morpheus8 on Long Island. We also proudly service the clients of Huntington, NY, and all of Suffolk County. Ready to turn back the clock and reclaim your youth? Call (631) 438-8184 to book a free consultation today.

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Morpheus8 Benefits

This phenomenal treatment corrects uneven skin tone and rough texture while increasing body laxity. The result is luminous and revitalized skin. Morpheus8 can be used to treat the following concerns:

  • Acne scars and blemishes

  • Stretch marks

  • Fine lines, wrinkles, and creases

  • Other skin imperfections

Morpheus8 Before and After*

Morpheus8 before and after pictures show what is possible with the advanced microneedling solution. Our patients achieve stunning improvements, including reversed aging signs and a firmer appearance. As with any aesthetic treatment, results vary per person. Radiofrequency microneedling is a skill-sensitive treatment. So, it is crucial to pick an experienced specialist to see top-notch results.

*results may vary
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How Morpheus8 Works

It is usual for people to lose collagen as they age. Morpheus8 is a treatment that fuses microneedling with radiofrequency technology to encourage collagen production. Our patients enjoy using it on the face, neck, and stomach to tighten sagging skin. But the treatment works well anywhere on the body, prone to scarring, wrinkles, and discoloration.

After the treatment, it is typical to see micro lesions for a few days. But patients can resume their usual skincare and makeup routine after 1-2 days. Mild redness may show up to one week, depending on a person’s healing process. It is important to keep the treatment site(s) moisturized and avoid sun exposure after Morpheus8. Always remember to apply a generous amount of sunscreen every day. This will help you maintain optimal microneedling anti-aging results while reducing your chances of skin cancer.

Morpheus8 Cost on Long Island

Morpheus8 cost is different for everyone. Factors like the number of treatments needed and the treatment site(s) play a part in the final cost. Discover how much Morpheus8 will cost you by booking a free consultation with North Shore Medical Wellness. We will discuss pricing in further detail and ensure this treatment is right for you. If you are a good candidate, we can move forward to create a custom treatment plan to accommodate your needs.

Morpheus8 Results*

Patients usually notice impressive results within 3 weeks, but you will see some improvement right after the procedure. Your skin will continue to look better for up to three months after your final session.

Each person has a unique treatment plan. But generally, we recommend getting 1-3 sessions for outstanding results.

Morpheus8 Side Effects

As with any other aesthetic treatment, RF microneedling with Morpheus8 may have side effects for some. It is not uncommon for patients to experience mild redness and swelling in the treatment site(s). But this is not concerning and will go away on its own after a couple of days.

You may see small scabs in the first three days, depending on where you get treated. They look like peeling or flaking skin. If you notice any scabbing, it is crucial to resist picking at them. The last thing you want is to get scarring, skin damage, and delayed healing after your treatment! These scabs are not permanent and fall off during the skin healing process. Once the shedding period is complete, you will enjoy drastic skin improvement.

Other temporary side effects include bruising, tenderness, and soreness in the treatment area. We recommend that our patients take over-the-counter medications to manage any discomfort. Most irritation is minor and will fade post-treatment.

Be sure to follow post-treatment instructions from your provider to avoid complications. In general, patients must avoid direct sun exposure, protect their skin with sunscreen, and moisturize.

Benefits of Using Exosomes in Conjunction With Morpheus8

Exosomes help cells communicate with each other. They also contain more growth factors than platelet-rich plasma. Therefore, they are more effective at cellular regeneration. North Shore Medical Wellness applies exosomes after Morpheus8 treatments. Here are some benefits this treatment method provides:

Reduced Inflammation

Excess inflammation can make it more difficult to heal. Morpheus8 treatment necessarily causes inflammation by creating micro-injuries in the skin. Applying exosomes after treatment can help negate the inflammatory effects of RF microneedling. Exosomes contain anti-inflammatory molecules that soothe irritated skin and facilitate healing.

Enhanced Collagen Production

Collagen is an essential component of elastic and youthful skin. Reduced collagen levels contribute to wrinkled and saggy skin. Exosomes contain growth factors that boost collagen production. As collagen increases, skin becomes firmer and smoother.

Increased Cell Regeneration

The growth factors within exosomes stimulate cell regeneration. As new cells increase, wrinkles and fine lines become less visible. Morpheus8 treatment already leads to a more youthful-looking complexion. Adding exosomes to the mix simply augments your skin rejuvenation results.

Improved Skin Hydration

Exosomes increase hyaluronic acid levels. HA keeps the skin from drying out. By boosting the amount of this hydrating substance, exosomes help hydrate the skin. They also lead to a more radiant complexion.

Decreased Post-Treatment Discomfort

Exosomes can relieve skin irritation. We refrigerate our exosomes before application. This is necessary to keep them viable and improve their shelf life. The cold exosomes have an immediate chilling and soothing effect. Many of our patients love the way cold exosomes feel after Morpheus8 treatment.


Morpheus8 treatment results can last for several months up to a year. However, this depends on skin type, age, and lifestyle habits. Taking good care of your skin is important if you want to prolong the results from a Morpheus8 RF microneedling treatment. This includes following a healthy skincare routine and using gentle cleansers and moisturizers.

Another thing is to avoid excessive sun exposure and protect the skin from UV rays. This means using sunscreen with at least SPF 30 daily. Following these steps will help prolong the effects of the treatment.

Additionally, maintaining a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise, a balanced diet, and keeping hydrated can also help improve your skin’s overall health and appearance. It is also recommended to have touch-up Morpheus8 treatments every 6 months to maintain the results.

There are a few drawbacks to getting a Morpheus8 RF microneedling treatment. First, the procedure can be painful and uncomfortable. This is because it involves using tiny needles that penetrate the deeper layers of skin to deliver radiofrequency energy. The needles can feel like sharp pricks on the skin and may cause discomfort. Additionally, the heat from the radiofrequency energy can cause a burning sensation that can be quite uncomfortable. The pain can vary from person to person, but some may require numbing cream or local anesthesia to help manage it.

Additionally, there may be swelling, redness, and bruising around the treated area for a few days after the procedure. Also, there is a risk of infection or scarring if the treatment is not performed correctly or if the patient does not properly care for the treated area afterward.

Despite the pain or temporary side effects, many people choose to undergo Morpheus8 RF microneedling because it improves texture, tone, and firmness.

It is typically believed that Morpheus8 RF microneedling is one of the most effective treatment options available for skin rejuvenation, scars, and fine lines. Its ability to deliver radiofrequency energy deep into the skin stimulates collagen production and promotes tissue remodeling.

Compared to other micro-needling treatments, Morpheus8 RF energy is said to be more precise, with minimal damage to the surface of the skin. However, the best treatment option ultimately depends on the individual’s skin concerns, skin type, and desired results. Therefore, consulting with a qualified and experienced practitioner is important to determine the best treatment option for you.

Yes, if you are looking to reverse the signs of aging and give your skin a more tightened and refreshed appearance, Morpheus8 is worth it. It’s safe for most skin types, and most patients only need one treatment to see a noticeable improvement in their skin. Those improvements will last a year or longer when paired with a good skincare routine. The results are also longer lasting than Botox results, which makes Morpheus8 a more cost-effective option.

Additionally, Morpheus8 is effective in clinical studies. In one study, over 90% of patients treated with Morpheus8 saw a significant improvement in their skin’s appearance after just one treatment. In another study, 100% of Morpheus8 patients treated with Morpheus8 saw the treatment improve skin texture and tone.

Experience the Incredible Skin Benefits of Morpheus8 Long Island

North Shore Medical Wellness in Huntington, NY, is a luxurious medical spa offering advanced cosmetic treatments like Morpheus8. Men and women in the Suffolk County region visit us for their aesthetic procedures because we ensure patient safety, comfort, and satisfaction. We are proud to offer Pro-Nox, a 50% oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide mixture designed to help alleviate any discomfort or anxiety during Morpheus8 treatments. 

Ready to give your skin some tender love and care in a relaxing setting? Look no further than Morpheus8. Our trained specialists use cutting-edge technologies to rejuvenate your skin. We also offer flexible payment plans to make beauty treatments more accessible on Long Island. Contact us at (631) 438-8184 to share your skin concerns and budget. We look forward to creating a unique treatment plan just for you.

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*Results may vary. We are reputable for complete customer satisfaction for completed treatments. Before and after images reflect real results from real patients, although individual results may vary. No treatment is promised to provide permanent results. A guarantee is neither provided nor implied. Statements estimating treatment duration and the number of treatments required are based on the typical experience or our patients, however individual experiences may vary.

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