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Exilis Ultra

Rejuvenate face and body. Treat wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, and age spots.

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Exilis Ultra

Rejuvenate face and body. Treat wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, and age spots.

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Skin Tightening with Exilis Ultra on Long Island

The aging process is inevitable. While we cannot stop it, we can take measures to help slow down the process. Exilis Ultra is one of them – this anti-aging treatment is non-surgical, painless, and effective.

Exilis Ultra is a face and body rejuvenation procedure that uses radiofrequency and ultrasound to treat wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, and age spots. It works by heating the tissue beneath the skin’s surface without damaging it. The heat stimulates collagen production, which restores elasticity and tightens the skin. Patients enjoy fewer wrinkles over time.

If you are thinking about trying Exilis Ultra, visit NS Medical Wellness in Huntington, NY. We are the premier provider of innovative anti-aging treatments, including Exilis Ultra on Long Island and in the surrounding Suffolk County area. Our trained specialists can create a unique treatment plan tailored to your skin needs. Call (631)-438-8184 to schedule a consultation. Discover how this procedure can help you withstand the test of time.

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Benefits of Exilis Ultra

Exilis Ultra Before and After*

Before committing to Exilis Ultra, men and women want to get an idea of the results they can expect. Our patients’ before and after pictures depict the remarkable outcomes possible with this anti-aging treatment. Each person achieves a noticeable improvement in wrinkles, skin laxity, and overall appearance. As with any beauty treatment, results differ per patient.*

*results may vary

Understanding Exilis Ultra

Exilis Ultra is a non-surgical procedure that relies on radiofrequency and ultrasound to boost collagen production. It works by heating the deep layers of the skin, which causes them to contract and tighten. Collagen is a significant component of healthy, youthful-looking skin. It is what makes our skin look smooth, firm, and tight. With age, our bodies produce less collagen. As a result, we witness looser skin with more wrinkles.

Exilis Ultra does not only treat the face. It works wonders on other parts of the body prone to sagging, like:

Exilis Ultra Results

Many patients notice impressive Exilis Ultra results after a single treatment. The improvement continues to show with each following treatment. The best results manifest after 3-6 treatments. But as with any cosmetic procedure, outcomes vary per person.*

For best results, we usually schedule Exilis Ultra treatments every 4-6 weeks for a total of 3-4 sessions over an 8-week period. This allows the skin to recover so that you observe the full effects of each treatment. After your first treatment, you will notice a difference in skin tone and texture. Over time, you will see an improvement in firmness and elasticity and fewer wrinkles.

Each person responds to anti-aging treatments differently, and Exilis Ultra is no exception. With that said, some patients may require more sessions and time to reap the full benefits.

Exilis Ultra Risks and Side Effects

The Exilis Ultra device is safe, effective, and comfortable for most people. There is no downtime, which means you can return to your daily activities after your sessions. There are no severe side effects or risks associated with Exilis Ultra. But if you experience any discomfort during the procedure, let your doctor know.

Some people experience mild tenderness or discomfort at the treatment site after their sessions. This is a normal reaction as the body deals with the breakdown of fat cells and old collagen. These effects are temporary and subside after some time.

If you have concerns about risks and side effects, consult a professional over a consultation. A specialist can determine your candidacy and address your questions before moving forward.

Exilis Ultra on Long Island

A series of short Exilis Ultra treatments will leave you looking refreshed, younger, and more radiant. It is a fantastic way to rejuvenate your appearance without experiencing pain. Those who want to reduce their wrinkles but stay away from fillers and surgery find this an excellent alternative.

Do you want to learn more about Exilis Ultra? Contact NS Medical Wellness. We are the top provider of this treatment in Huntington, New York and the surrounding Suffolk County region. Patients in the area trust us with their anti-aging needs. Call us at 631-438-8184 to schedule a free initial consultation.

How Long Do Exilis Ultra Results Last?*

Exilis Ultra cannot stop the aging process altogether. But on average, the anti-aging effects last 8-12 months. The exact length of time varies per patient.* After that, you may need to return for additional sessions to keep your skin tight, firm, and youthful.

How Much Does Exilis Ultra Cost on Long Island?

The cost of Exilis Ultra varies depending on numerous factors, such as the area you want to treat, the provider of choice, where you live, and your desired aesthetic results.

Get accurate pricing information by visiting a reputable provider like NS Medical Wellness. A trained professional can assess your body, listen to your expectations, and verify your candidacy for treatment. From there, we can create a custom treatment plan that delivers outstanding results within your budget.

Do you need recovery time after Exilis Ultra?

No. Exilis Ultra is entirely non-invasive, meaning there is no downtime or recovery involved post-procedure. After your Exilis treatment, you may return to your daily schedule as normal. During your consultation, you can speak more in-depth with your provider about Exilis Ultra aftercare.

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*Results may vary. We are reputable for complete customer satisfaction for completed treatments. Before and after images reflect real results from real patients, although individual results may vary. No treatment is promised to provide permanent results. A guarantee is neither provided nor implied. Statements estimating treatment duration and the number of treatments required are based on the typical experience or our patients, however individual experiences may vary.

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